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me sorprende encontrar esto aqui

office space manila

They're all clamoring for advertising space in overcrowded highways.


I will attempt to make this account concise and just deal with the most important points or I will be here all night writing this entry. In brief, my truck was totalled and the Travelers is not going to pay. The insurance company said that I did not comply with their investigation for the reason that we did not supply them with our cell phone report. The insurance company, nor their investigator ever asked for our cell phone minutes. Once we were notified by e-mail that they required them and did not possess the cell phone records we faxed the cell phone records in using an electronic fax company so we possess proof we despatched the minutes. We think we know who robbed the truck (truck was vandalized and smashed, vulgar language written on it, etc...) The bizarre piece is that the insurance company think a key was used. The jerk who did it was a mechanic I have a beef with that lost about a $2400 because he was stupid. Police force have cleared us... So now what?

My insurance agent (who is tremendously encouraging and I should cast a shout out to him) is supportive but there is little he can achieve.

Some ideas before I get in touch with a lawyer. Don't actually want to do that!

Many thanks in Advance

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Marco (Philippines Property Consultant)

Wow, I loved this article and all the pictures, we have just recently started selling Philippines property investment so I thought I would do some research into the country. It is shocking the way the workers have not safety, I wish them all well and know they must make a living. The banners however look awesome. Hopefully the more people from overseas invest in the Philippines then the local economy will grown and more jobs with better safety will be come available for these people.


hehe, my older brother made the billboard on the lower left of the Edsa_billboards_manila, the one where the bus is covering part of it.

is it cool if i borrow some of your pictures? i have to make 5 critique papers for 5 billboards.. school shit..

Vanessa Dela Cruz

It's really cool. All billboard is in nice picture. By the way, can you help me plz, I need more billboards of Bra & panty especially of Natasha and Soen. Can you help for this?Thanks


Sidney the way you captured these to show their sheer size is amazing; they are colorful and fascinating to behold, both from a technological standpoint and perhaps artistically. But they are, as you say, such a danger and the clutter they contribute to the already sore landscape is awful. Wonderful series here, Sidney. I am truly thankful that you have once again shared a part of your world with us that we over here would never see.


Wow! Nice blog and nice pics! Finally I could view your site becauze I'm borrowing the computer of my nephew. For some reason, I could not view your blog from the office - your blog comes out blank when I type your url address. Now I understand why many people talk about your pics. You take just beautiful pics. :-) I'm so glad. Hi there!

Lisa Ruokis

Wow, that really is an eye-sore! Very interesting and sad. I liked lagal's idea to plant more trees instead of putting up more billboards. I hope you have a good weekend, Sidney!


great series. Wow thats a lot of bilboards.


Great pictures. Its like looking at another world. Nice 1.


Those are some impressive billboards! Nice set of shots Sidney.

Graceful Decadence

Fantastic shots! So colorful and full of life...but somehow you manage to catch the best on the ones with, you should go pro on portraits cause you have this thing for faces and colors, i really love your work!
Glad that you are back!


i'm very happy. you join us on grayscale

have a nice day Sydney ;)


if i am not mistaken, some of the billboards that you have taken is along EDSA, the Guadalupe area and Mandaluyong area.when i was there last march, i have passed by these area going to the Tiangge at GreenHills. these area is really crowded with billboards. when Mrs. Barbara Bush was the first lady, she spearheaded a project not to build giant posters at the highways & interstate. she said the giant billboards is giving a sore to the landscape. but in Manila, do we still have a landscape to protect?


that's a lot of billboards.... hehehehe, they're everywhere...
nice shots...


Very interesting post! You have some great shots here, they give a great perspective of how crowding these ads can be.

david kleinert

there is so much advertising! well captured Sidney :)


Thanks for this informative post Sidney. You know I love to learn about other countries and their culture and life and as you have commented on my blog: your's are quite different from Norway.
norwegians would have gone crazy in traffic with all this billboards and I do agree it looks like a bit of a visual pollution.
Have a great end to your week:-)


For some reason, i kinda miss Manila.


I don't think there's any other city that is as billboard-heavy as Manila.


hi sid! you drove the nail right on the head. i work in advertising and yet i'm not that hot on billboards cluttering whatever's left of the scenery. one time, i wrote an editor of a top broadsheet here and suggested that instead of putting up billboards, why don't we plant more trees...


I never look at them when I drive. Sidney. Most people here do not know any better, (or perhaps have grown weary complaining) so they just grin and bear it.

Ashwathy Nair

Lots of bilboards there...
Interesting post!


Some of these are huge! I like how you show the scale in reference to the people.

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